Blanca Raniolo

Welcome to BLC Bilingual Learning Center!

My name is Blanca Raniolo and I am the Executive Director and Co-founder of BLC Bilingual Learning Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota since 2011.
I earned a BA in Education in 1992 and a Masters in Social Communication with specialization in social development in 2001 both with honors from Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela. In 2005 I received my Masters of Education degree from Hamline University with 4.0 point GPA when I won a scholarship from the Organization of America States (OAS) in Washington DC.

My professional history includes working for eighteen years consistently in the education field, administration, and as a supervisor. As a leader, I have facilitated workshops for adults with a focus on Latinos in low-income communities. I am author of two books about education, director of an instructional video of better parenting and author of multiple articles on education in several Latino newspapers and magazines in the Twin Cities and in my original country, Venezuela. In 2008, I won the 25 On the Rise Award in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. In 2016 I received the Visionary Leadership award from Minnesota Council of Nonprofit.

Yoga Calm certified instructor for 3 years at a Dual Immersion School in Minneapolis.

My philosophy of Education is Constructivism. I believe in educating by reflecting experiences in a learning environment and constructing an understanding of the world we live in.

My passion is to work with diverse community and creates a welcome and safety environment in which everybody has the same opportunity to learn.


Nora Barrera:

Nora Barrera is from Puebla, México. Nora has been working for five years as a Program Coordinator at BLC Bilingual Learning Center in Minneapolis.  She is bilingual/bicultural. She has a long expertise working with parents, students and the community in South Minneapolis as well.  Nora worked at Windom Dual Immersion School as a Parent Liaison for over seven years.  Nora loves working with the children in the program and she believes that BLC has become in a big family.
Nora Barrera nació en Puebla, México. Nora has estado trabajando como coordinadora de programa en el Centro de Enriquecimiento de BLC por 5 años en Minneapolis. Ella es bilingüe y bicultural. Nora tiene una larga trayectoria trabajando con padres, estudiantes en la comunidad  del sur de Minneapolis. Trabajo como padres enlace en la escuela de Windom por siete años.  Ella ama trabajar con los niños en el programa y cree que el programa de BLC se ha convertido en una gran familia.


Adriana Morgado:

Adriana Morgado is from Veracruz, México. Adriana has been working at BLC Bilingual Learning Center in after school program as a cultural cooking instructor for over three years.  Adriana is bilingual/bicultural. Adriana is also a lead teacher during the Early program with High five students from 7:30am-10:30am Monday –Thursday in partnership with Windom Dual Immersion School and Joyce pre-school. She believes that every child matters.

Adriana Morgado nació en México, Veracruz. Adriana ha trabajado como instructora de cocina cultural y apoyo a los jóvenes en el Centro de Enriquecimiento de BLC por más de tres años. Adriana es bilingüe y bicultural. Además, Adriana es la encargada de ensenar y coordinar el programa de las mañanas de los niños de pre-escolar de 7:30-10:30am de lunes a jueves. El programa de BLC tiene convenio y trabaja conjuntamente con  Joyce Pre-school y Windom School  con los niños de pre-escolar que estén inscritos en ambas escuelas.  Adriana cree que cada uno de los niños son únicos e importantes.


Elianna Thorne:

My name is Elianna Thorne, and I am the Program Manager Assistant at BLC Bilingual Learning Center in Minneapolis.

I grew up in St. Louis Park, and attended Lawrence University in Appleton, WI. I have a Bachelor of Music Degree in cello performance. For the last three years I have worked in non-profit administration around the Midwest. I write fiction and non-fiction in my spare time.

I am excited to have this opportunity to be a part of the BLC program and keep things running with our wonderful staff.

Me llamo Elianna Thorne, y soy la nueva asistente de programas en BLC.

Estoy de St. Louis Park, y asistí a Lawrence University en Appleton, WI. Tengo estudios superiores de música y toco el chelo. Hace tres años he trabajado en administración de organizaciones no gubernamentales en el medio oeste. Escribo historias en mi tiempo libre.

Estoy emocionada de tener la oportunidad de ser parte del programa BLC, y apoyar con mi experiencia a todos los compañeros maravillosos del programa.