Important Information

Key Dates

BLC follows the Minneapolis Public School Calendar. BLC (morning and after-school programs) will be closed the following dates:

  • January 25 and 26
  • February 16
  • March 30 through April 6
  • May 28


Program Information

Drop-in fee: $10.00 per hour
The drop-in fee will apply when a student is picked up later than the indicated pick-up time on the registration form, when a student comes to BLC on a day not indicated on the registration form, or when a student comes to BLC who does not come on a weekly routine (applies to Little Workers and after-school programs).

Permanent Schedule Changes
There is a one-time fee for permanent schedule changes made after the second week of classes of $20.00.

Late Pick-Up Fees
If you pick up your child after 6:00pm, a $10.00 late pick-up fee will be added to your invoice. An additional $10.00 will be added for every additional 10 minutes you are late.

Schedule changes may be made until the end of the second week of classes
Students can explore class options for the first 2 weeks. The ‘Permanent Schedule Changes’ fee will be applied after the second week.

We follow the registration form and the days and times indicated for billing. We ask that you take your time when filling out the registration form to ensure that the days and times you have indicated are correct and accurate.
There are two registration forms: 1) Little Workers (morning program) and After-school program for pre-K – 5th grade. Please fill out the correct form; one form is required for each student.



Enrollment: Each academic year, BLC offers many student scholarships for tutoring, academic programming or enrichment to students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunches. Please contact us regarding availability of scholarships for this school year.

Lottery: BLC also offers 4-6 scholarships through a “Lottery” process to Free or Reduced students. These scholarships are provided after Thanksgiving Day. Parents of the students being granted a scholarship will be notify by  letter, email, phone or schools Parent Liaison.

Class Cancellation/Change Policy: We encourage your child to try any classes they find interesting within the first 2 weeks of classes. During the 2 weeks, you are able to change or cancel a class. Any changes or cancellations need to be in writing to BLC and you must inform appropriate people (ie. student’s teacher) of cancellation or change. After the second week, we will no longer accept class changes or cancellations. ‘Permanent Schedule Change Fee’ will be applied after the second week.

Enrichment Care Cancellation/Change Policy: Please note that we follow the registration form when billing. During the first 2 weeks of enrichment care, we will accept schedule changes in writing. After the second week, the ‘Permanent Schedule Change Fee’ will be applied. Additionally, all enrichment care changes or cancellations must be made at least a month in advance due to our billing system.

Behavior Incidents: If there are any serious incidents of behavioral issues with your child, we will contact you and fill out a Student Incident Report Form describing what happened.  If there are three serious behavior incidents that occur while your child is with us, the child will be out of the program.  This includes any violence, harassment (verbally or physically), bullying, or demonstrating a lack of respect for our staff or materials. BLC reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrollment in our program.

BLC, in its sole discretion, determines if it is unable to meet the needs of a student, or that it is not in the best interest of the Resource Center or other students enrolled to have a child continue in attendance.

BLC and its staff retain the sole right and responsibility to determine any disputed factual matters regarding termination of enrollment. 

Email Contacts for schedule changes: Who you should inform if you make any changes to your child’s schedule that are not indicated on the registration form.  We put their emails because all changes need to be done in writing.



-BLC email: ; we check emails Monday-Friday, 2-6pm

-Windom main office email (Shirley, Windom secretary):

-At this site you can find all of the Windom teachers’ emails: