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Winter registration forms are available!

You can pick up forms at our office, or go to our website: Class presentations and performances will be the week of December 5th. Come and see what your kids have been learning this fall! Deadline to register Dec,15th.


Windom Winter Concert

December 21th & 22nd, 9 am – Watch BLC students present two different dances: La Presumida el Jarabe Loco y la culebra by Carmen Casanova, our dance instructor.



BLC offers 4-6 scholarships through a “lottery” process to Free or Reduced students. These scholarships are provided after Thanksgiving Day and will apply to winter session tuition. Parents of the students being granted a scholarship will be notified by letter, email, phone or the school’s Parent Liaison.



Chess Club

Chess Club started on January  8th and continues through the end of March. Every Monday from 4:30-5:30 PM, students get to learn the game of chess while having fun! The first 30 minutes each week are dedicated to learning the rules and strategy, and the during the remaining time students get a chance to practice playing. At the end of the class, there will be a tournament where the kids can show off their new skills!
If you are interested in joining our winter chess club beginning in January, be sure to sign upon your registration form!