Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child bring toys to BLC?

Yes, as long as they are school appropriate.  However, BLC is not responsible if the toy is damaged, stolen, or lost.  We remind students that if they are not using it at the moment to put it inside their backpack to prevent losing it.


Can I visit the BLC program or my child’s class?

Of course!  Just let us know in advance and we would love to have you!  Also, we encourage parents to come in and share their talents with the students, so please let us know if you would like to come in to do a demonstration for the kids.


Can someone else pick up my child?

Yes, if the person is not listed on your registration form, please let us know ahead of time and give us the person’s name and phone number.


Is BLC open on holidays?

BLC follows the Minneapolis Public School District calendar, as well as their cancellations.  Therefore, if there is no school in Windom, there is no BLC program.


Can I change my child’s class?

Assuming your child started at the beginning of the session, the student can attend 2 classes to see if they enjoy the program.  If you let us know in writing before the child attends the 3rd class, you will receive a reimbursement for the paid class cost.  If the child is enrolled later on in the session, then you are committed to paying the rest of tuition starting with the day the child enrolled.  This is described under Cancellation Policy.


Can I combine BLC classes and care?

Definitely!  Your child can either be in enrichment care or a class from 2-4pm and still participate in enrichment care from 4-6pm.  All BLC students come together around 4pm for their snack and from there, they transition into enrichment care.


Can my student take a BLC class if s/he is enrolled in Minneapolis Kids?

Yes, we work together with Minneapolis Kids to make sure there is a smooth transition from one program to the other.  The student will be sent to BLC after school, attend the class from 2-4pm, then, after snack, the child will transition over to Minneapolis Kids.


Does my child have to be a Windom student to attend the BLC program?

No, BLC accepts any students from the community that are within our age range.  We have had students from other schools come join us, but please be aware that BLC does not offer transportation, so it will be your responsibility to arrange the student’s transportation from their school to Windom.