Risen Christ Catholic School


BLC Opens New Site at Risen Christ Catholic School!

BLC is excited about our new partnership with Risen Christ Catholic School in Minneapolis, which began in October 2016. Risen Christ has opened their school to BLC before school from 8 -10 AM on weekdays. The goal is to provide enrichment activities to support the students and their families to get ready to start the school.

Our program there serves 73 students from low-income families. We offer classes in Zumba, soccer, basketball, cultural art, and yoga in a bilingual/ bicultural environment. For registration and information about our program contact:

Risen Christ office: 
1120 E 37th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Phone: (612) 822-5329


BLC abre nueva sede en la escuela católica de Risen Christ, en Minneapolis

El pasado 10 de octubre, BLC abre nueva sede con el apoyo y patrocinio de la escuela católica de Risen Christ, en Minneapolis.  Un programa antes de la escuela de lunes a viernes entre las 8:00am – 10:am para apoyar a los estudiantes y familias de bajos recursos económicos.  Actualmente, tenemos 73 estudiantes inscritos y ofrecemos actividades físicas, zumba, soccer, yoga, hockey, arte y mucha diversión en un ambiente totalmente bilingüe y bicultural.

Para inscripciones e información contacte directamente la escuela.

Risen Christ
1120 E 37th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Teléfono: (612) 822-5329


Download Risen Christ registration form

Descargue la Forma de Registro Risen Christ