For PreK – 1st Grade


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Mondays 2-3pm
Grades: K – 1st
This class is the perfect way for kids to enjoy learning the basics of dance in an active and creative way. Students will learn fun combinations, play movement games, and much more!
Fall Session: 15 weeks
September 9 – December 16




Arts & Creativity

Wednesdays 2-3pm
Grades: K – 2nd
This class allows students to express themselves creatively through art projects. The students will learn different art styles and use different artistic mediums!
Fall Session: 14 weeks
September 4 – December 18




Theater & Drama

Tuesdays 2-3pm and 3-4pm
Grades: PreK-K and 1st-2nd
In partnership with The Matchbox Theater
Join us in creating an imaginary world through acting! Students will learn basic acting skills and dancing as we bring stories to life. This class provides learning experiences that help students develop creativity, clear speech, memory and teamwork.
TUESDAY Fall Session: 16 weeks
September 3 – December 17




Little Soccer – Thursdays 2-3pm
Grades: K-2nd
Enjoy the non-stop action of soccer while learning the fundamentals of this popular Latin American sport. This class will work on basic skills and is customized for the beginner level.
Fall Session: 14 weeks
September 5 – December 19





Thursdays 2-3pm
Grades: K-2nd
In partnership with Snapology
Science of Super Powers – K-2nd grade
In Snapology’s Science of Superpowers program, students explore the world of their favorite superheroes. Students will learn about forces, energy, robotics, chemistry and problem solving as they build models inspired by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and all their favorite heroes. Experimentation and fun are crucial components of this ‘super’ educational program!





Fridays 2-3pm
Grades: K-2nd
Have fun making things out of wood! Students will learn basic carpentry techniques while creating unique projects.
FRIDAY Fall Session: 7 weeks
October 25 to December 20





More mini workshops will be offered throughout the session…
Stay tuned for more information!