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Dressing for Winter

By Elianna B. Thorne Minnesota winters are much too long to keep kids inside all the time and playing in the snow can be fun for all ages. However, it’s important to keep children warm and dry in the cold weather months so that they won’t get sick or hurt. Adults also need to dress…


Yoga Calm in Spanish – an integrated approach to serve the whole child

By Blanca Raniolo These days there are many different types of yoga for all kinds of people and for all ages, and more than 16 million people take yoga classes. Likewise, there have been many studies about the benefits of yoga on general wellbeing, health, and stress management.     In this article, I would…


Winter: Stop and smell the roses

Author: Health Corner, Nancy Brewster, MPH The popular expression “stop and smell the roses” has been long understood as a recommendation to take it slow, be mindful and enjoy life. To me, the biggest value of the advice comes from literally smelling the roses for its curative and health promoting benefits, better known today as Aromatherapy….